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The Little Sophie

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Títle - The Little Sophie

Author - Marcela Re Ribeiro

Illustrations: J.P. Andrade (watercolor technique)

Translation from Portuguese to English: Talita Tahan

Pages - 52 

Format Book - 20x20cm

ISBN – 978-65-5041-035-3

Editorial stamp: Clube de Autores

Format: Kindle Unlimited/E-book

ISBN: 978-65-5041-036-0

Os preços podem vairiar para mais ou para menos.



Two distinct realities, that will be united through the hands of a little girl.


The book The Little Sophie tells the story of a little girl who lives in a majestic castle, situated in the south of France. Her friends were always the servants of the castle, that were many, and the birds and the butterflies, with whom she loved playing with, trying to reach them with her tiny hands.


But one day, in her walk through the castle garden, she spotted two children; her life gains a new meaning and a beautiful lesson about appreciation and respect to the human being is revealed!


The author has included some more difficult words to arouse the child's interest in their meaning and to promote the exchange of knowledge between adults and children.


The book contains illustrations created by J. P. Andrade, who used the aquarelle technique, with many different colors and the pastel tones, to portray two distinct realities addressed in history. The plot and the illustrations are connected with the main message in the book, that is to show that differences do exist, but depending on how you see them, they can be seen as qualities and not segregation.

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