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Welcome To My Heart


21/12/2013 - Lavinyaa Pash -  Piatra-Neamt - Romênia 

I love poetry and this was my first real poetry book.
I enjoyed it.
Marcela R.R. has a complicated mind, but she untangles it in the most beautiful way. I like her writing so much.

18/09/2013 - José Augusto das Graças - São Paulo

I really enjoyed reading!
A reading that flourishes feelings, and takes us an incredible journey!
Creative writing, passionate... The Illustrations are awesome!
I recommend it.

03/05/2013 - Mag Polon - Califórnia - USA

I really enjoyed reading this book. Passionate, fun, creative writing. I totally recommend it. I love the illustrations! Awesome! Welcome To My Heart.

10/09/2013 -Robert Cope, Melbourne, Austrália

The title precisely depicts its Brazilian author's soul and substance, Welcome to My Heart. 

Whereas titles are usually purposely vague – Alone, Poe; Dreams, Hughes; If, Kipling; Still I Rise, Angelou; Babel, Patti Smith, and so forth – Ms Re Ribeiro's verses immediately reveal from first lines, like liquid stars, poetic intent.

Lifted through sensual ecstasy in one verse, later dropped and saddened, only to be rescued frequently by images accompanying most poems, unafraid of her own emotions, the reader may be reminded of a less-punk, Patti Smith of the 1970s.

Proud of her nation's literary creativity, a small surprise, is her inclusion of two poetic forms created in Brazil – Poetrix and Mindim.

Poetry being subject to taste it is difficult to say this almost 100 page book should be on everyone's shelf. Welcome to My Heart, however, is the sort of book, at bedside, where the words, in a short read, provide a basis for reflection about the human condition and a comfortable smile.

Even if in the author's second language, a delightful first book. Possibly a collector's first edition.

Robert Cope, retired American professor and occasional journalist, provides this review from his home in Australia. While at the University of Washington (1969-92) he frequently published book reviews, edited, and served on editorial boards.


 – All rights to Marcela Re Ribeiro    10 September  2013

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